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Sant Pau publishes in Cardiovascular Research
A study demonstrating that weakened cardiac contraction and a propensity to arrhythmias in older people is due to a calcium imbalance in heart cells has been published in Cardiovascular Research. The authors are members of the Cardiac Rhythm and Contraction Group (belonging to the Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Department and IIB Sant Pau) and of the Cardiovascular Research Centre (CSIC -ICCC). Més informació

Sant Pau publishes in Molecular Psychiatry
A study showing that cannabis users are more prone to experiencing false memories has been published in the highest impact US psychiatry journal, Molecular Psychiatry. The study was developed by the Human Neuropsychology Group at the IIB-Sant Pau and Autonomous University of Barcelona researchers ​​in collaboration with the Cognition and Brain Plasticity Group (IDIBELL and the University of Barcelona).
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Hospital de Sant Pau opts for vaginal delivery of breech babies after more than 20 years
Sant Pau has revised its protocol for breech births to establish inclusion and exclusion criteria for birthing via the vaginal route and to update indications for elective caesarean delivery. Més informació

Els metges sempre recomanen el calci - TV3 - Telenotícies
Els metges sempre recomanen el calci pels ossos però ara han descobert que la mancança de calci pot comportar també problemes al cor Més informació

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