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The Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau Neurology Service obtains a SEN award
In an institutional act to award its annual SEN prizes held in May, the Spanish Neurology Society (SEN) awarded its science prize to Dr. Rafael Blesa — director of the HSCSP Neurology Service — for his many years of dedication to research into biomarkers for Alzheimer disease and related dementias, and to Dr. Isabel Illa — a former president of the SEN and currently director of the Neuromuscular Unit attached to the Neurology Service — for her work on the state-level project to build a database of patients with neuromuscular diseases. Més informació

Professional Excellence Awards 2013
Organized by the Official College of Physicians of Barcelona (COMB), a ceremony was held on 11 November to confer COMB Professional Excellence Awards for 2013. Staff members of the HSCSP who were honoured were Jordi Mancebo Cortés, Josep Ris Romeu and Josefina Pérez Blanco in the categories of Biomedical Research, Hospital Medical Care and Other Medical Care Settings, respectively. Més informació

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Sant Pau als mitjans
Recull de les entrevistes de diferents mitjans al Dr. Albert Salazar, director gerent de Sant Pau.

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Sant Pau demuestra la eficacia de los electrodos contra la depresión. La Vanguardia
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